Where Ghosts Whisper and Wolves Howl

   Welcome to Runere's Photo Gallery!

A pictoral hodgepodge of highlights from Runere's research trips, friends, family and events attended.     


 Since Paranormal is my game, I've included some extremely interesting images of actual paranormal activity captured on film during a New Orleans Ghost Tour! Check out the images for yourself in front of the officially documented as haunted Andrew Jackson Hotel at 919 Royal Street and make your own judgement! Notice streaks of light in front of AND behind palms in center photo. There seems to be an abstract overlay of an old long gun, the butt beginning in the lower right foreground and extending left across the picture.  


We'll keep posting paranormal activity--even some from my own pleasantly haunted home (inside and outside!), captured by members of the professional ghost busters team SHADOWZ PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS during an overnight visit to my property! You can find them on our Links page!

We're also working up a fuller slide show of photos from previous conferences and activities in writers groups that play such an important part in what a writer does!

Please check back regularly for new postings!

But no matter where we go or what we do, our biggest inspiration is the interest of the readers!