Where Ghosts Whisper and Wolves Howl

Ever since Runere was first able to set letters to paper with a fat kindergarten pencil clutched in a grubby hand, she has been a writer. Living in Michigan, Louisiana and now south Mississippi, she's worked as a florist, a shrimper, an off-shore vessel operator, musician, and performed various duties from craps dealer to pit bull--oops! pit BOSS--in several casinos. What she has lived means no shortage of material, and she can swear that truth truly is stranger than fiction! She is now at the point in her life to aspire to her one consistent, long-held dream: Writing full time. Follow her in her journey toward publication! She would love the company!

Runere's had a long-standing love and acceptance for the paranormal--dowsing for water at the age of six, and laughing when finally discovering the significance of braided hair rings attached to antique family wedding portraits while taking a comparative religions course.

Only later in life did she learn not everyone had an Aunt who could "talk the fire out of a burn", or another who could break an ill child's fever with a recited Psalm. But the one missed deeply is another Aunt who thrived with a beautifully strange and hearty love of life to the age of 103!

Runere's secret goal is to one day personally "Walk the Circle" -- an ancient and remote circle of Standing Stones on property long linked to her own clan in Scotland. Hmmm, maybe there really is a reason for all that fey strangeness that pops up in the family!

Professional credits include a stint as a staff writer for Coast Magazine, freelance technical work, writing and performing television commercial voice-overs for a local vidoegrapher, and granting publishing rights to the Walter Anderson Museum to include a piece in Louisiana State University's Philosophies in Humanities: Dialogue in Film and Journal.

Be sure to check out the Excerpts and New Character pages. Read a few bits from finished manuscripts and offer opinions on current W.I.P's (works in progress).

Every writer has her or his muse. All things in the heavens and in nature comfort and inspire Runere. But mostly, her support and inspiration come from her own coon-ass raised (That's N'awlins, baby!) bonny and braw red-headed Scotsman--with a little Blackfoot Indian thrown in for flavor. Loving, laughing, spontaneous, intense, hot-tempered, soft-hearted and utterly romantic, he's the world's best husband. He feeds her strange addiction for weapons, and utterly melts her when he winks and says "Nothing says 'I love you' like fire power." He's her soul mate who recently learned his own Clan was "invited" to leave Scotland or burn at the stake for refusing the test of the Church! Maybe that's why he's been able to put up with her all these years!

A Scotsman will always give the Creator his full due, but not in the way someone else tells him to!