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 The 2012 Silken Sands Writers Conference is officially on! Scheduled for March 16-18, 2012 in Pensacola, Florida!
Here are highlights from the 2010 Silken Conference to whet your interest. And tempt you into joining us!

     I'm exhausted, but I had an absolute blast!

    We had major houses represented by agents and editors, and the wonderful Barbara Vey (right), as well!


It's amazing to know opportunities are created that give local writers the chance to speak one-on-one with acquiring editors and agents in an effort to get their work published.

     Even though I heard over and over the laughing chant "If we don't find new authors for our readers, we're out of a job!", I know it has to be difficult to pack up and leave family and familiar friends. All with no guarantee of finding that new writer your readers will fall in love with. So I send kudos to the following agents/editors who offered pitch appointments:

  Laura Bradford (Bradford Literary Agency), Elaine Spencer (The Knight Agency), Joyce Holland (The D4EO Agency), Lindsey Faber (Samhain Publishing), Megan Records (Kensington Publishing), and Patience Smith (Harlequin/Silhouette).

Three days of workshops provided ways to hone our craft, with literally something for everyone.
Our RWA chapter boasts some talent of its own in the form of published authors. Cynthia Eden, Fran McNabb, Allison Knight, Sayde Grace and Kelly L. Stone. If I missed anyone, I plead a numb brain from information overload and exhaustion--and extend the promise to fix it! 

The work involved to make this a success literally entailed two years effort, with many hands doing the work. But two main things stand out in my mind that just scream this particular conference:

Cynthia Eden's (R) mega-watt smile that never dimmed no matter how late it got or how demanding the situation, and Joan Turner (L) standing over yet  another pile of boxes saying, "Mike, you're so pretty!"

'Til the next time!

Runere McLain  



There was even some fun built in besides the lure of white sand and water of the beaches. Friday evening's dessert get-together followed by an open agent/editor panel was lively and informative; and the semi-formal awards banquet shared by our sister chapter Southern Magic saturday night was followed by karaoke. Nothing like a bunch of writers letting their hair down!